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Scenic Organizations

Scenic Florida is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the state. It now includes the William D. Brinton Library, a valuable resource for environmental preservation.

Scenic America works on a national level to protect and enhance the visual character of America’s communities and countryside. Their efforts ensure that scenic beauty is a priority in urban planning and development.

Both organizations provide invaluable resources and advocacy for maintaining the aesthetic and environmental quality of our surroundings.

Government Organizations

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) oversees the construction and maintenance of the nation’s highways. They provide guidelines and support for infrastructure projects across the country.

The Florida Division of the FHWA focuses on state-specific transportation needs, ensuring that Florida’s roadways are safe and efficient.

The Florida Department of Transportation’s Office of Right of Way manages the acquisition of property for transportation projects. They also regulate outdoor advertising and manage the Logo sign program along interstate highways.

These organizations play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of our transportation infrastructure, ensuring that it meets both state and federal standards.

City of Miami Overview

Public Records Request Process

The City of Miami provides a comprehensive process for obtaining public records. Requests can be made via fax, email, or directly through the City Clerk’s Office. For timely responses, members of the press should contact the Office of Communications. Additionally, the Miami Police Department’s Public Information Office handles requests related to police records. Note that there may be a nominal fee for copies and extensive searches.

Public records requests are essential for transparency and accountability. The City of Miami ensures that all requests are handled efficiently, providing access to ordinances, official agendas, and meeting minutes. For more specific information, contact the relevant department directly or visit the City of Miami’s website.

Contact Information

Dade County Overview

Public Records Request Process

Dade County offers a straightforward process for accessing public records. Requests related to specific Commissioners should be directed to their Commission Aides. For general inquiries, the County Attorney’s Office is available to assist. Detailed information and further assistance can be found on the Dade County website.

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