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  • Activists Aim to Break Guinness Record to Protest Miami’s Lacking Green Space
    “A group of activists is planning to gather at Museum Park on August 15 in an attempt to break…”
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  • Billboard tower becoming Miami’s latest political football
    “A proposed 633-foot-tall LED billboard tower in downtown Miami has sparked a fierce battle between…”
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  • Lying to the Public, One Misleading Image at a Time
    “In Miami, the proliferation of billboards has reached an all-time high, with local government officials turning a blind eye…”
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  • New laws could complicate plans for Miami billboard tower
    “As Miami’s skyline continues to evolve, a proposed law could significantly impact the future of…”
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  • Miami groups fight for 4-acre parkland behind American Airlines Arena
    “Environmental groups are clashing with developers over a prime piece of downtown Miami real estate that…”
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  • Billboard Jungle – Outdoor advertising is Miami’s crack cocaine: The money gets you high, but one day it’ll kill you
    “Outdoor advertising in Miami has become a booming industry, much like crack cocaine in the 1980s…”
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  • We deface our skyline and label it aesthetic ‘enhancement’
    “The ongoing battle over Miami’s skyline has reached new heights as developers continue to push for…”
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  • County Puts the Brakes on Miami’s Bid to Cover Every Vertical Surface With Advertising
    “Miami-Dade County commissioners have halted plans to allow widespread advertising on…”
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  • Bruno the Dim Loses One for the Billboard Industry
    “A Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge has ruled against the billboard industry in a landmark decision that…”
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  • Miami-Dade County To Keep Control Over Billboard Regulation
    “Despite heavy lobbying from the outdoor advertising industry, Miami-Dade County has retained control over billboard regulation…”
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  • Giant Billboards On Vacant Hotel By I-95 Must Come Down, Court Says
    “In a victory for scenic advocates, a judge has ordered the removal of massive billboards…”
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  • Our Mayors Are Blind to Illegal Signs. Guest Blog by Peter Ehrlich, Jr.
    “Illegal billboards have become a common sight in Miami, yet local mayors seem oblivious to…”
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  • The Miami performing arts center. By Geniusofdespair
    “Miami’s performing arts center has been a focal point of cultural development, but the surrounding area is plagued by…”
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  • Rio de Janeiro stripping ‘visual pollution,’ targets massive billboards, other ads along beach
    “In an effort to combat visual pollution, Rio de Janeiro is taking steps to remove massive billboards from its beaches…”
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  • Miami considers selling advertising space on public buildings, fire hydrants, rights-of-way
    “Miami city officials are exploring new revenue streams by selling advertising space on public property…”
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  • Press Release from public citizen
    “Public Citizen has issued a press release addressing the latest developments in Miami’s efforts to…”
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  • Miami commissioners kill proposed bill to allow ads on buildings, rights-of-way
    “In a close vote, Miami commissioners have decided against a bill that would have allowed advertising on…”
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  • Are City Commissioners Desperate, Insensitive or Greedy?
    “Questions are being raised about the motivations behind Miami city commissioners’ recent decisions…”
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  • Big Beer Banner Stirs Debate
    “A massive beer advertisement in downtown Miami has sparked a heated debate among residents and…”
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  • Other Views: Mayor Gimenez, just enforce the billboard law by Peter Ehrlich
    “In an op-ed, Peter Ehrlich calls on Mayor Gimenez to enforce existing billboard regulations to protect Miami’s…”
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  • U.S. Officials Disallow Miami’s Downtown Ad Murals
    “Federal officials have intervened to stop the installation of large advertising murals in downtown Miami…”
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  • Scenic Miami-Dade County Fights Spam on a Stick
    “The battle against intrusive advertising continues as Scenic Miami-Dade County takes a stand against…”
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  • Letter to the Editor: Visual Assault by Peter Ehrlich
    “Peter Ehrlich voices his concerns about the visual assault posed by billboards in Miami, urging for stricter enforcement…”
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  • Developer Mark Siffin wants community agency funds to acquire land for billboard towers
    “Developer Mark Siffin is seeking community agency funds to purchase land for new billboard towers in Miami…”
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  • Barbara Bisno on Channel 10 News: Billboards Coming to Miami
    “Barbara Bisno discusses the implications of new billboards in Miami, highlighting the concerns of local residents…”
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  • The Siffin Proposed Dual Mega-Media Towers by Beatriz Baldanrice
    “Beatriz Baldanrice explores the potential impact of Mark Siffin’s proposed dual mega-media towers on Miami’s skyline…”
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  • City Square is no Times Square
    “Miami’s attempt to transform City Square into a bustling hub of advertising is drawing comparisons to Times Square…”
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  • Miami Commission Approves Towering Digital Billboards
    “In a controversial move, the Miami Commission has approved the installation of towering digital billboards in downtown…”
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  • Commission Approves Massive Electronic Billboards Downtown, But Are They Legal?
    “The approval of massive electronic billboards in downtown Miami raises legal questions and concerns among…”
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