Miami Artists Create Realistic Views of Proposed Monster LED Billboard Towers

These are the architect renditions that were shown during public meetings.   Where are the LED displays?

Below are more realistic renditions of what this so-called “iconic” media tower may look like lit up with advertisements.

Is this what residents and visitors want on the Miami skyline FOREVER?

Have you heard enough about why LED media towers do NOT belong in Miami?

Enough with fancy terms & artistic architectural renditions MISLEADING OUR City Commisson and rest of Miami citizens and visitors.

This is NOT like an Eiffel Tower, or an Arch of St Louis, or a Space Needle in Seattle.

There will be NO PRIDE on this; only embarrassment that this was built under the watch of our current elected representatives.

Don’t believe that some architects are capable of deception?

Then, read this:

“An example of misrepresentation in architecture of a false reality can be seen in the renderings for the Barclays Center Arena drawings by SHoP Architects” (The same architects that did the Miami innovation drawings).

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